[REPORT] Retail Ecommerce Trends & Insights

2023 presented a tough environment for retail in the face of inflation and a cost-of-living crisis. Brands need to take the learnings into 2024. This is why we've produced a comprehensive report that looks at how major categories have fared and some key takeaways to use in 2024.
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3 key takeaways

  • Profit Compression is Real: Gross Margins fell despite an increase in price levels, indicating brands are likely facing an overall increase in COGS across the industry. ROAS has fallen thanks to a 30% increase in ad spend, further compressing profitability.
  • Cash is King: Amazon's focus on FCF and warehouse optimization has translated into increased losses due to out of stocks and lower inventory-on-hand levels for all brands. 
  • Tentpole Events Matter: Events like Prime Day give an opportunity to dramatically shift your competitive position if you plan effectively. Having back-up fulfillment methods and well-tested promo strategies can help you maximize your performance.

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