Retail Media Management with true incrementality

CommerceIQ's new AI-based Incrementality Estimation Module standardizes media ROI across retailers using iROAS (Incremental Return on Ad Spend) and optimizes for incremental sales growth. 


Learn how your brand can begin planning and optimizing retail media using real-time incrementality measurement with CommerceIQ.

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What have we delivered for our clients?

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Incremental sales in the last 1 year


Per minute

Only CommerceIQ offers a true Machine Learning solution that evaluates 1000s of keywords and optimizes in real time. ​


  • CommerceIQ’s AI based Incrementality Estimation Module incorporates dynamic share of voice and search rankings, shopper propensity to buy and relevancy of searches to truly estimate net new sales

  • No rudimentary approximations for incrementality like ROAS on category keywords, TACoS (Spend/ Total Sales), or New to Brand sales


CASE STUDY: Fortune 500 food brand sees stellar results on Walmart Connect


Incremental Sales





CommerceIQ has enabled my team to operate at the pace needed to win in the market. Issues that would take weeks to identify are now being flagged and resolved on the same day.

Stephen Mischel
Ecommerce Sales Team Lead, Bayer

"CommerceIQ’s e-commerce management platform provides substantial benefits, giving us the ability to understand performance across granular targets, including branded, generic and competitive keywords and apply bulk automations to optimize our campaigns in line with our business objectives."

Rizwan Akbar

Head of E-Commerce, Pilgrim's

iROAS measures the effectiveness of ad spend vs. natural organic performance

iROAS is a real, proven incrementality metric that measures the current state of the entire digital shelf to predict incrementality of future retail media spend.

  • Deliver more total sales with flat investment
  • Maintain total sales trajectory with reduced investment
  • Identify strategic growth unlocks for incremental media spend

What's more?




One unified metric across retailers 

iROAS is agnostic of attribution models, enabling comparison and optimization across retailers



Continually optimize spends

Set up campaigns that re-evaluate iROAS multiple times per day




Optimize down to the SKU level

Spend only where it really matters

Why is CommerceIQ Retail Media Management better?

Optimize Bids by the Hour

Automatically adjust ad spends every hour based on remaining budget and real-time demand.

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Make AI Work for You

Get ongoing recommendations for optimizing your business, no spreadsheets needed.

Lead the Market

Track Share of Voice as a leading indicator of sales. Know where to invest to succeed.

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Get Reports in Real-Time 

Instantly get up-to-date reports on all your KPIs.