Full Funnel Retail Media Management

CommerceIQ has partnered with Sam's Club Member Access Platform (MAP) to bring a world class Retail Media Management platform to all of Sam's Club Suppliers. 

This brings key capabilities to Sam's Club Suppliers such as Share of Voice tracking, report and strategy builders, hourly automated bidding strategies and A.I. based recommendations.  

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Pilgrim's saw incredible results when using CommerceIQ's Retail Media Management Platform

CommerceIQ’s e-commerce management platform provides substantial benefits, giving us the ability to understand performance across granular targets, including branded, generic and competitive keywords and apply bulk automations to optimize our campaigns in line with our business objectives.

Rizwan Akbar
Head of E-Commerce, Pilgrim's

CommerceIQ has enabled my team to operate at the pace needed to win in the market. Issues that would take weeks to identify are now being flagged and resolved on the same day.

Stephen Mischel
Ecommerce Sales Team Lead, Bayer

Pilgrim's Results Speak for Themselves




Market Share



So What Does CommerceIQ Do?

Using artificial intelligence, machine learning and software, we are sought-after experts on how to grow your ecommerce business on retailers like Sam's Club, Amazon and Walmart.

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Trusted By World-Class Companies

One smart platform for your retail ecommerce business. Finally.

CommerceIQ is the pioneer in helping brands win through retail ecommerce channels such as Amazon, Sam's Club, Kroger, Walmart.com, and Instacart, where 85% of all ecommerce happens. CommerceIQ's unified platform applies machine learning and automation across marketing, supply chain, and sales operations to help brands unlock the secret to gaining market share profitably.

Ecommerce Sales Operations

Track and improve your performance across sales, operations and media metrics, including SKU-level profitability and market share.

Profit Recovery Automation

Machine driven approach to identify shortage drivers and dispute 100% of shortage dollars which nets a 70% success rate.

Retail Media Management

Full funnel single source of truth for retail media spend, performance and optimization across your omnichannel team.

Digital Shelf Optimization

Enables brands to ensure the right assortment, availability and fulfillment methods down to a brand, category, and regional market level.

What does CommerceIQ bring to MAP?

Accelerated performance through machine-driven automations and insights.

A typical ecommerce business needs to make eight decisions per minute to keep up with the competition.
CommerceIQ aligns people, processes, and technology platforms to maximize ecommerce performance. Now you can make more decisions, better decisions, faster decisions. That means more incremental sales, higher profits, and a greater share of voice. 


Competitive Intelligence

Get unique insights on where your competitors are spending on trending keywords and shelves. Conquest under-invested keywords and defend encroachment on your winning shelves.


Strategy Builder

Automates the optimization of campaigns, keywords and SKU based objectives set by the supplier


Campaign Manager

Perform bulk actions on campaigns, keywords, SKUs and search terms


AI-Based Recommendations

Understand when to conquest competitors, add efficient search terms or suppress inefficient terms

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Self-Serve Reports

See in a single view different platform metrics (e.g. desktop, app, mobile) and placement metrics (e.g. search-in-grid, product display pages). All of this is organized by business segments based on detailed taxonomy for your company.


Hourly Bidder

Use historical brand data to inform budget and bid strategies automatically increasing or decreasing bids depending on shopper intent throughout day